Megabus Promotion Codes & Discount Coupons for 2018

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2018 Promotion Codes

Currently there are no discount coupons. As soon as Megabus offers new coupons they will be posted here. In Febr. Megabus was giving away $1 Tickets for Texas. (promo code: IHEARTTX) Book online now..

Why Megabus is the Best Way to Travel

There are almost too many reasons why Megabus is the best way to travel to list. However, here are a few of the many reasons why people chose this bus service:

Low Cost – Megabus tickets are cheap. In fact, when compared to other similar bus services (and most other transportation services in general) they are leaps and bounds cheaper. Megabus tickets start at $1.00 for short trips and increase incrementally depending on the distance that you are traveling. Even when you’re traveling from state to state, Megabus is far cheaper than its competitors.

Convenient – Megabus runs out of most large U.S. and Canadian cities. Their service is especially extensive in the Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest of the United States and in Southern Canada. Though the majority of their buses run from hub cities (mentioned above), regular service is available from many small towns as well. The most popular routes even offer bus service multiple times per day. Many people find Megabus to be so convenient that they use it for their daily commutes!

Safe – Megabus has had very few safety related incidents over the years. All of their drivers are carefully screened, selected, and extensively trained; their buses are inspected on a regular basis, and the highest safety standards are closely observed on every single trip. Megabus will get you to your destination safe and sound.

Comfortable – There are few bus services in the world as comfortable as Megabus. Every bus features comfy reclining seats and electrical outlets that allow you to access their free WIFI services. Restrooms are available so that you don’t have to panic on long trips and additional luggage storage is available upon request. Megabus buses are also accessible for the mobility impaired. Traveling with Megabus means that you can expect the comfort you deserve.

Reliable – Need to get to your destination by a specific time? Then Megabus has you covered. Their buses are by far the most reliable around as far as scheduling goes. They have very few breakdowns and are rarely ever late to pickups or drop-offs. And if they are, they offer passenger refunds. Check their website now to see all of their routine trip schedules.

Megabus Discount Doupons 2018 – Megabus also edges out their competitors because of the variety of Megabus discount coupons that it accepts. Currently, Megabus discount coupons 2018 of all shapes, sizes, and forms are being accepted. (Below you will find links to a few of the very best Megabus promotion codes for the current year.)

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How To Use A megabus Promo Code

Let’s talk about using Megabus discount coupons. 2017 has been a good year for Megabus travelers because Megabus’s already incredibly low rates have been made even cheaper by the variety of discount coupons and promotions offered both by the company itself and by third-party providers. Travelers everywhere are taking advantage of these discount coupons and are enjoying even lower rates than before.

Megabus CouponThe first step to using Megabus discount coupons 2018 is to find them. We talk more about finding the best promotions below (links are also provided). For now, let’s assume that you already have one in your hand. The next step of the process is incredibly easy. All that you have to do is log onto the Megabus website,, and proceed to buy your tickets as you normally would.

You will see a form on the left-hand side of the Megabus homepage where you enter the information that is needed to find your tickets. The information includes the number of passengers, city travelling from, city travelling to, outbound date, return date, and promotions code.

The space that is provided for promotion code is where you enter and use your Megabus coupon. Your coupon will contain a promotion code (usually a short series of letters and numbers) that you enter in the provided space. After that, you click “search” to make reservations and you’re all set to go. Using your Megabus discount coupons 2018 is as easy as that!

The Megabus Coupon Codes (Promo Codes) Currently available:

NOTE: 2017 Promotion Codes are discontinued – we only post them here as a reference.

2017 megabus Promotion Codes

There are always new Megabus coupons and promotion codes available, so check back to our site often for the latest and greatest. We will work hard to make sure that we have these codes posted before anyone else! Currently, a few of the best Megabus promo codes for 2018 include:

P.S., Below are discontinued promotional codes – Some of them may still work.)

Megabus Promo Code: CAKE Discount Provided: $10 off of your ticket Want to score a cool $10 off on your next Megabus trip, use this coupon code, CAKE, when purchasing your tickets.

Megabus Promo Code: No Code Needed Discount Provided: 20% off on Chicago’s trolley “hop on hop off” tour Visiting Chicago or live there and need a cheap way to commute? Megabus is currently offering a 20% discount on its Chicago hop on hop off trolley tours. Simply purchase your tickets online and the discount will be automatically registered. No code is needed!

Megabus Promo Code: TN1000 Discount Provided: Free seats on Knoxville – Nashville – Memphis route (1,000 available) Traveling on Megabus on the Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis route? Then use this coupon code for a free ride! Act fast as there are only 1,000 free seats available.

megabus Promotion Codes

Megabus Promo Code: HART1K Discount Provided: Free seats on Megabus’s Hartford service to Boston or New Haven (1,000 available) Enter this coupon code if you are traveling on Megabus from Hartford to Boston or New Haven. Only 1,000 seats are available so act quickly.

Megabus Promo Code: 0W200K Discount Provided: Free Trip (Limited number available) This Megabus coupon code will help you score a free trip on the bus to almost anywhere in the United States.

Megabus Promo Code: ILUVDC Discount Provided: $2.50 roundtrip tickets on the Charlotte to D.C. line Traveling from Charlotte to D.C.? Go Megabus and use this coupon code for a startlingly low ticket price of $2.50 roundtrip.

Megabus Promo Code: Greyhound Discount Provided: Free Megabus ticket if you buy a Greyhound bus ticket on the same day. Sure, it’s a weird code, but if you’re traveling farther west than Megabus’s service extends, why not use it for the second leg of your trip?

Megabus Promo Code: BUSMAN Discount Provided: $10 off of your ticket What’s better than $10 off of your next Megabus ticket?

Megabus Promo Code: MEMPHIS Discount Provided: 50% off any Megabus ticket in the Memphis area If you’re traveling around Memphis, this promo code will give you 50% off of your ticket. It’s great for everyday commuters who use Megabus’s excellent service.

Megabus Promotion Code: MEGA1 Discount Provided: $5 off of your ticket If you travel on Megabus frequently, boy, this is the code for you. After you have exhausted the $10 off discount codes, use this one for another sweet discount.

Megabus Promotion Code: SPORT Discount Provided: $5 off of your ticket on game day Megabus loves its sports fans. They are now offering this $5 off your ticket coupon code for services within in your city on the night of a professional sports home game (MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL).


2018 megabus Promotion Codes

2018 Promo codes

Currently there are no discount offers. Please bookmark our site and visit us regularly as we always post the latest promo codes here.
Discontinued 2018 tickets:

In Febr. 2018 Megabus was offering $1 Tickets in Texas trough Texan sister company, Kerrville Bus Company. Use Promo code IHEARTTX to claim your $1 Ticktet!

Dont forget to bookmark our site as always post the latest discount offers. You can buy your bus tickets online trough this link Hop on board today, book your ticket online!

Or by clicking the large Megabus $1 Ticket image on top of this page. Megabus is the BEST possible way to travel, they offer great service, reliable travel times at the best possible rates!.

Use the large Megabus $1 ticket button on top of the page to visit megabus and book your tickets BOOK NO.

Why Haven’t You Chosen Megabus Yet?

Are you still having trouble deciding whether Megabus is for you? Maybe hearing positive feedback from other Megabus customers will change your mind. ”

Megabus has received more positive customer feedback than any other bus company of its kind. Passengers love the company for its easy-to-use online ticket service, its incredible customer service hotline, and for the fact that its buses run so frequently and are almost always on time. Many customers also toot the Megabus horn (metaphorically of course – not its actual horn) because of its buses’ free WIFI, accessible electrical outlets, panoramic windows, and comfortable seats. For more customer reviews, check out Megabus on TripAdvisor or Yelp…

If you’re in need of a new way to commute daily, choose Megabus. If you’re planning a trip to Grandma’s house in another city, choose Megabus. If you’re traveling multiple states away for business or pleasure, choose Megabus.

If you want to pay way too much for lackluster service and small, hard seating, then don’t choose Megabus. Choose someone else if that’s really what you want because Megabus won’t give it to you.

And remember, when you’re using Megabus, always check back with use for the Megabus discount coupons 2018 that we offer on our site. We update them as frequently as possible so you’re sure to find one that works for your specific trip.

Happy Megabus travels!